Varmalogy is a systematic study of vital points (varmams) on human body and also on animal bodies. The vital points (varmams) are located on nerves, nerve joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and internal organs. Right or wrong vibration of the vital points (varmams) will either promote or impair health. Varmams are rhythmically tuned by varma experts for curing various diseases like nerve disorders, arthritis, back pain, diabetes, spinal problems and etc.

Varmalogy is connected with various disciplines like Siddha medicine, Yoga, Therapeutic Massage, Astrology, Psychology, Sociology, Martial Arts and so on.

Now a days, this art is being practiced in two ways.

Varmalogy is an indigenous Indian art. The original texts about varmalogy are found in Tamil and Malayalam languages in palm leaves and in paper manuscripts. The varmalogy manuscripts are available in more than eighty different titles. Some of you might have known the words Varmam (in Tamil) and Marmam (in Malayalam). Since there is no equivalent English term for the study of varmam, varmalogy is our coinage.


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