Classifications of Varmam

Human body is divided into five areas in which varmam (varma points) are discussed. They are:

Unit Area Number of Points
I From Top of the Head till Neck 25
II From Neck till Naval Point 45
III From Naval Point till Anus 9
IV Both Hands 14
V Both Legs 15
Total 108

The same 108 varmams are classified under different categories. One such classification is based on 12 nerves (or a meridian channel) in the nervous system. Each meridian channel consists of one Padu varmam and eight Thodu varmam.

Varmam Type Number of Points
Thodu Varmam 96
Padu Varmam 12
Total 108

The number of varmams (108) various between various schools of varmam.

Based on Indian Astrology, there are 92 varmams:

Varmam Based On Number of Points
(Hindu Astrological) Stars 27
Lunar 30
Padu Varmam 35
Total 92

Based on the text Naramparai, written by Kumbamuni Siddha, there are 253 varmams:

Classification Number of Points
Padu Varman 18
Thodu Varmam 96
Pakka Varmam 8
Narambu Elumbu Varmam 86
Maru Varmam 45
Total 253

Based on yet another classification, there are 107 points:

Classification Number of Points
Vata Varmam (Air) 65
Pitta Varmam (Heat) 24
Kapha Varmam (Cool) 6
Concealed Varmam 12
Total 107
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